We build software that connects people to uncover insights and grow advocacy.

We believe that online communities can break down the physical barriers to consumer insights, innovation and help brands scale advocacy among their consumers, employees, guests, and partners.

Flexible tools to uncover insights in real-time.

Napkin Labs provides an ongoing forum for collaboration so you can stay connected with global communities of consumers, advocates or employees.  Engage your communities in activities to uncover rich insights, ask questions, host discussions, run missions and capture photos and videos all in real-time.

Capture feedback, co-create, and generate valuable marketing content.

Napkin Labs was designed as an open-innovation tool and lets you run projects to capture ideas, crowdsource content, and collect critical consumer feedback.  We provide a range of activities like brainstorming, product feedback, and storybook that help you mobilize your community.

Grow advocacy among your most important communities.

Napkin Labs lets you roll out the red carpet for you most valuable communities and reward them in unique and inspiring ways to grow advocacy.  Our social tools help organizations identify advocates from social chatter and cultivate deeper relationships through gamification, badges, rewards and meaningful collaboration.

Engage your advocates wherever they are.

Our platform is designed to go where your communities live online.  Napkin Labs is fully mobile optimized, can be instantly embedded into an existing website, or can be launched within Facebook Brand Pages.

Create open or private communities.

Napkin Labs offers a range of settings to create fully open, social communities or exclusive/invite only communities.  Depending on your goals and objectives, we work with our customers to define the right level openness or exclusivity.

Synthesize results and measure progress.

Napkin Labs’ platform includes advanced analytics and natural language processing allowing you to view the health, productivity and impact of your community.  You can also view emerging themes, trends and track sentiment to identify key insights.

White labeled solutions let your brand shine.

Napkin Labs is fully white-labelable and we offer a range of customized branding options to ensure that your communities match the look and feel of your brand.

Services to help identify advocates, moderate communities, and synthesize results.

Building, cultivating, and moderating productive communities takes time.  Napkin Labs offers a range of services to help you identify advocates and recruit communities, run successful co-creation programs, moderate content and even handle rewards.

Contact us to learn more about how our co-creation platform can help you build better products and services and get closer to your most important consumers.

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