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Importance of an Evergreen Strategy

Traditional marketing has always been based on ‘campaigns’ that live throughout the year. These campaigns are short in term and focus on a specific aspect of business. However, social Media is 24/7.

CAUTION: Campaigns as the sole focus of a social media strategy may lead to spikes in engagement that quickly turn into lulls of silence.

This 24/7 media has increased the importance for an Evergreen strategy. Evergreen refers to ‘always-on’ or ‘always-engaging.’ Don’t get us wrong, campaigns are still an important element to a marketing strategy. There will always be important focal points to highlight throughout the year: events, holidays, new products, etc. However, it is important to have other elements keeping your fans intrigued and the conversation going.

Being 24/7 seems like it takes a lot of time. However, including your fans helps make the ‘always-on’ strategy more possible. Start out by giving your fans a place where they can always be conversing with you and submitting content. You can’t force inspiration, right? Why force them to submit certain content around certain times. Just interacting around that fan content will allow you to have an on-going relationship with the fans and inspiration for more-developed content and campaigns from you!

What ways do you keep the conversation going with your fans?

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