Sharing insights into social media, market research and the evolving customer engagement landscape.

We have had the privilege of working with the most innovative brands in the world and we support over 1,500 customer communities dedicated to consumer insights, innovation and advocacy.  We’ve learned a lot along the way.  Here you will find a compilation of articles, thoughts and interviews from Napkin Labs and leading practitioners in the digital space.

  • Steve Jobs Had it Wrong: Why You Should Look to Consumers for Innovation – Fast Company

    Riley Gibson discusses the upside of consumers messing with your product.

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  • The Hidden Power of Mundane Ideas – Harvard Business Review

    The importance of curation and customer driven ideas in the innovation process.

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  • 5 Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media as a Tool for Progress – Mashable

    Tips on how businesses can push beyond the ‘like’ and engage social media to help drive deeper value.

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Napkin Labs influencer series

The Napkin Labs influencer series brings together some of the most influential minds in digital marketing to share their insights into where things are heading.  We have compiled a range of interviews with industry leaders from major brands like Ford as well as agency practitioners.  The result is a diverse set of viewpoints, key learnings, and inspiring case studies on the value of social.

Scott Monty on Fan Collaboration.

Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company discusses the power and importance of building communities of advocates to power social, innovation and content strategy.


Peter Kim on Facebook Engagement

Jessica interviews Peter Kim on digital marketing and how Facebook will play a role. When asked about the relevance of Facebook in the future, Peter pointed out that it has been growing in importance every day. He backed this notion with the fact that it just passed a billion users just a few weeks ago. He believes for consumers and brands it’s doing what it was built to do.

Edward Boches at Future M

Jessica interviews Edward Boches from Mullen.  When asked for his thoughts on the relevancy of Facebook in the future, Edward agreed it would continue to be relevant because of the size of its user base and the level of talent behind the platform. However, he wasn’t singing full praises, as he noted they still have a lot to figure out using mobile and integrating Instagram as an example.

Studies & White Papers

We are constantly looking at best practices across our tools and across the industry.  In this section you can find more in depth thoughts on the state of brand to consumer engagement as well as insights into how technology platforms and human nature are combining to create new opportunities for brands.

Facebook Brand Engagement Study

What Happens Beyond the Like? We ran a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative study of engagement on Facebook using our technology.

White Paper

We share five reasons why customer collaboration and crowdsourcing will be essential to creating a successful and valuable brand on Facebook.

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