Napkin Labs for QSR

Generate real business value from your social audiences.

Domino’s Pizza used Napkin Labs to turn 5 million fans into a crowdsourcing army to generate new menu items, capture consumer insights and drive word-of-mouth marketing. See how Napkin Labs can help your QSR drive sales and keep a closer pulse on your top customers.

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napkin labs facebook engagement software QSR customers

  • Get closer to your customers.

    With Napkin Labs you can ask questions and capture insights about your QSR customers anywhere in the world, in real-time.

  • Drive faster menu innovation.

    Napkin Labs complements your product development teams and brings the voice of the customer into your innovation process.

  • Boost sales and brand engagement.

    Link social actions and engagement with loyalty programs to drive engagement, sales and generate earned media.


Simple tools that plug into Facebook.

Napkin Labs is a social hub that gives your fans the ability to share feedback, ideas, rich content and to connect with each other.  Our tools plug directly into your Facebook brand page and we integrate with Twitter and Instagram.  No IT integrations and no microsites means fast and simple implementations with no ongoing maintenance.

Identify your most valuable fans.

Napkin Labs captures two years of Facebook social data about how each fan has interacted with your brand page. Based on millions of comments, likes, photos, posts and polls we give each fan a ranked score helping you identify your most valuable fans. Our leaderboards give you insight into who is most active, influential and what they are saying.

Mobilize your advocates.

Capture menu ideas, name products, ask questions, get feedback from top customers, run campaigns – all of this is possible with our suite of activities.  Everything we build is designed to give you insight into the minds of your customers at the speed of social media.  Worried about your competition seeing all of your customers ideas?  We can create private VIP communities of your top fans right within your Facebook page.



Provide rewards and drive sales.

We provide easy solutions to reward your fans and build loyalty.  Automatically send coupons or even connect to your loyalty program to reward social actions, ideas, and feedback.  It’s the perfect system to link social with sales and drive your restaurants bottom line.

Capture invaluable insights and measure impact.

No need to read through thousands of ideas to see what your customers are thinking or identify the next big trend in food.  We combine detailed analytics with natural language processing to give you amazing insights into what fans are talking about, what content is bubbling to the top, and what themes are emerging in the conversation.

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