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Introducing // Fan Center

Today, we are excited to introduce the next evolution of social media marketing: Fan Center.

Fan Center was developed as an extension of Facebook Timeline. Timeline created huge improvements to user experience and brand publishing capabilities, but buried fans’ voices and content. Fan Center brings fans back to the forefront by giving them a place to share their stories, ideas, pictures, and more with brands they love.

To build Fan Center we combined the best elements of our app suite into a social hub and added new features like featured campaigns, integrations with Instagram and Twitter, and better rewards, analytics, and sharing tools. The result is a beautiful interface that connects communities, content, and customer insights in one place.

As a brand, you can curate and share your fans’ content to drive more traffic and awareness for your brand, and track trends and insights in an organized way, right on Facebook. By giving fans a real-time place to share ideas and feedback, brands can understand their customer better, innovate faster, and host new conversations on their Facebook page.  And best of all, Fan Center makes it easy to find and reward your Superfans.

















Fan Center was built as the perfect compliment to an ‘evergreen’ or always-on strategy. With Fan Center, instead of only engaging users around certain seasons or campaigns, brands can keep the conversation going and the content flowing year round. This helps marketers avoid the spikes and lulls normally seen throughout the year.

Of course, campaigns are still important for social media managers. That is why we’ve included a ‘Featured Campaign’ tab where brands can highlight specific promotions around holidays and new product launches.

Fan Center is completely customizable. We’d love to discuss how it can fit your social media strategy. Contact us or stay connected to us on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information check out some of the latest articles on Fan Center from Fast Company and The Next Web.

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