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Facebook Timeline Pages We Love

Brands have had more than a month to play around with Facebook’s Timeline format. Already we’ve noticed some killer results. Have a look at these pages for inspiration, or to borrow a few ideas.

Old Spice
Great images! Explosions everywhere! Old Spice does an excellent job using Timeline’s visual nature to extend its campaign. We also love a subtle design feature many brands like Old Spice are incorporating. Old Spice took the time to make the sure their page logo and background were seamless by inserting the volcano into the background of their screaming head logo.


Juicy Couture
Photos sell fashion, and that’s how Juicy Couture uses Timeline. They use the highlight feature to post a photo at the top of their page that links to this packing guide for Spring festivals.



Oreo is celebrating it’s 100th birthday in 2012 and has taken the time to tell that history by placing “Oreo Moments Throughout Time” all over its timeline, encouraging fans to browse, or even submit their own Oreo moments.


Red Bull
Red Bull basically corners the market when it comes to all things extreme. We love how they use Facebook Timeline to show off the incredible pictures and video that their media house rolls out on a regular basis – whether drifting or jumping over an elephant watering hole.


The Black Keys
The Black Keys are a fairly simple band – two dudes and a whole lot of sound! We like how they keep their Timeline simple, too. Fans go to a band’s page to check out some photos, find out about shows, buy a tee or give them a listen. That’s what the Black Keys offer, right up front.



GoPro is a cool camera company, because a lot of their content comes directly from fans using their products. They share all that content daily via their Facebook Timeline and you might be surprised by the quality of the user content. Above are both examples of shots submitted by fans.



Disney uses Timeline to display its history, which, for a company like Disney is a very visual history. Check out this shot from the day that Disneyland opened to the public in 1955!

As I wrote this post, a colleague sent me an article by Becca Caddy from Shiny Shiny, outlining 15 Cool Facebook Brand Timelines. Pages that stuck out for her included Spotify’s totally awesome 1000 year history of music, Kate Spade’s distinct style combined with great photos and Arsenal’s (yes, they play soccer) team history, dating back to its first game in 1891.


I could easily spend all day checking out awesome examples of Facebook timeline, but I’m not a teen anymore, so I can’t justify it. Are there any pages that stuck out for you? Pushed the next level of Timeline design? That you’re jealous of because you didn’t come up with that idea first? Share with us in the comments below!

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