Domino’s Pizza

The Think Oven Asks Customers to Share their Ideas.


Faced with increasingly competitive pressure from alternative fast food companies, Domino’s started 2012 knowing that they had to innovate or face losing market share. The digital marketing team knew that Facebook provided a forum that would allow their fans to provide feedback in a fast and cost efficient manner. They needed a tool that would allow them to leverage their Facebook community to get closer to their customers, learn from them and increase the lifetime value of each fan.


Napkin Labs provided Domino’s with the perfect suite of social tools to turn their five million fans into a crowdsourcing hub. Dubbed ‘Think Oven,’ Domino’s leveraged our platform to engage users around questions like “how do we improve our online ordering process?” and “Help us create new Domino’s delivery uniforms.” The Think Oven sparked an entirely new conversation with customers and gave the company access to the ideas of thousands of customers overnight. Through our platform, Domino’s generated powerful word of mouth and captured ideas from customers that they have launched into the marketplace.


  • 9,500 ideas submitted in the first 90 days.
  • 35,000 likes, comments, and social actions.
  • 1m new fans in 45 days
  • 4.75x fan growth rate per week.
  • Value of earned media from user generated content was 6 X original investment.
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