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Our software has helped brands large and small effectively mobilize their social networks and uncover a wealth of invaluable insights.  Below are a few case studies – but feel free to contact us to see more case studies, results and get a personalized demo of our tools.

Whole Foods

Thanks much in part to contests, sweepstakes and increased brand awareness nationwide, Whole Foods had built a large Facebook community with hoards of active users. But a colossal community population doesn’t necessarily equal enormous returns. That’s why Whole Foods turned to Napkin Labs to create an elevated, engaging, insight-revealing environment for its fans.

With thousands of individuals just waiting to speak out, Napkin Labs offered a turnkey platform that let Whole Foods’ marketing team run highly engaging ideation sessions while also identifying key brand advocates. These co-creative social media campaigns created a new opportunity to capture real-time community ideas around all sorts of relevant topics—everything from bacon recipes to trade-proof school lunch concepts. Within weeks, fans had contributed over a thousand posts and Whole Foods had captured powerful insights that informed profound new product opportunities.

Domino’s Pizza

With increased pressure from alternative fast food companies, Domino’s was faced with a choice: innovate or continue to lose market share. The pizza giant’s in-house digital marketing team understood Facebook’s power to provide truthful fan feedback that’s both speedy and cost-efficient, so they looked to Napkin Labs to learn from and about customers while also increasing the lifetime value of each fan.

Napkin Labs armed Domino’s with a suite of social tools that instantly transformed their five million fans into a crowdsourcing force to be reckoned with. Dubbed The Think Oven, Domino’s leveraged the Napkin Labs platform to engage users through prompts such as, “How do we improve our online ordering process?” and “Help us create new Domino’s delivery uniforms.” Overnight, the company had opened its oven doors to the minds and creativity of thousands, generated powerful word-of-mouth and captured ideas that have now translated into profitable products.


With more than two million Facebook fans (and more every day), Microsoft’s marketing team was on the lookout for an efficient and scalable way to identify and reward its top brand advocates. But for such a massive online community, not just any platform could be trusted to make it happen. Napkin Labs wasn’t just ready, but also remarkably able.

Napkin Labs became the foundation for Microsoft’s new social advocacy program, and the results were five-fold: 1) Microsoft now had the ability to instantly identify their most influential and active fans. 2) They could deeply engage these fans on highly targeted levels and uncover critical insights that would benefit the brand. 3) They could drill down to a detailed profile view and unveil noteworthy facts about their fan base. 4) They were able to easily segment users by various factors, including geography, topics of discussion and personal interests. And 5) They could now instantly surprise and delight top advocates with perks and virtual pats on the back through the use of Napkin Labs’ simple, one-click rewards system.


Whereas many travel brand Facebook pages have evolved into forums for lodging complaints and airing grievances, BalticMiles was ready to start a new industry trend—one of honest listening, learning and interacting. With the help of Napkin Labs’ innovation, BalticMiles jumped on the opportunity to turn its Facebook page into a proactive customer service platform centered on improving fans’ experiences with the brand.

BalticMiles’ marketing team was able to engage, increase loyalty program enrollment and drive awareness through a customized collection of Napkin Labs apps to initiate authentic conversation, rather than simply pacify criticism. The brand posed questions and gave fans a chance to submit ideas and feedback in real time. Plus, active participants were rewarded with loyalty points based on the influence and viral nature of their ideas. Soon, the brand had generated hundreds of thousands of impressions and generously increased their fan acquisition rate.

Baltic Miles has since won the Loyalty 2013 Innovation Award for its program connecting loyalty and social engagement – supported by Napkin Labs.

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Napkin Labs serves a wide range of consumer industries including:  Quick-serve restaurants, Automotive, Sports & Entertainment, CPG food, Travel & Hospitality, Apparel, and Consumer electronics. Click to learn more about our unique offerings for each industry or contact us to get more information.

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