About Us

Building the bridge

Oh hi! We’re Napkin Labs—a company primely positioned at the crossroads of bustling social media and illuminating consumer insights. Our cutting-edge software platform harnesses the power of today’s technology to create a better experience on both sides of the table. On one end, consumers get to play a bigger role in the success of their favorite brands, and on the other, companies gain access to the impossibly invaluable insights held within their existing online communities.

That said, what we build goes far beyond surface-level interactions. We don’t stop at simple sweepstakes and we’re not the company who cried “Like!” We believe in the power of rich, real-time engagement to bring out the best ideas and propel products above and beyond. That’s why we work to create genuine, two-way conversations that keep up with the speed of social and can benefit brands’ bottom lines.



  • 2010

    After founding Napkin Labs in late 2009, Warren and Riley laid the groundwork for their then-fledgling company in the utility closet of a coffee shop. Driven by their passion to use crowdsourcing as a way to change the online conversation and connect brands with the people who buy them.

  • 2011

    Here marks the opening of OpenLab, our first online collaboration and ideation software. OpenLab was designed to help brands create private online communities occupied by their prized customers and employees.

  • 2012

    After several clients asked to integrate Napkin Labs technology into their existing brand pages, our ever-evolving collaborative tools finally found their place on Facebook. The platform perfectly set the stage for brands to engage their fans on far deeper levels than ever before.

  • 2013

    Today, Napkin Labs has built partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands. We’re innovating new tools. We’re breaking down boundaries. We’re evolving to accommodate what’s to come. And while we may not know what the future holds, we can definitely tell it’s going to be big.

Our People

We are artists and masters of all things online community. We are marketing professionals, gamers, digital gurus, outdoor enthusiasts and—we’ll admit it—certified consumer insight geeks. That’s because we like to grow our talented team of social-media-minded professionals the same way we build our platform: by getting to know the people who will mean the most to our brand.

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