• Napkin Labs offers apps for Facebook that enable brands to uncover the passion and creativity of their fans.

    Companies used to pay thousands of dollars for focus groups, but now they can get the same kind of feedback for free on Facebook, while observing trends in their campaigns (and rewarding those who contribute the most) over time.

  • “Through the Dominos “Think Oven,” Napkin Labs has proven that social is no longer just a place for brands to get “likes” but it can also be a powerful platform for a business to leverage external feedback to the benefit of both the business and customers alike.”

    David Armano, Edelman Digital

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  • “We wanted to create a platform that made it easy for customers to share their passion and ideas.”

    Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods

  • “Napkin Labs has helped me portray what I want to get out of social. We can use it to do R&D research, help the franchise development team…and it has helped us gather information we would not have had otherwise.  We are creating new concepts based on that data.”

    Derek Hernandez, Godfather’s Pizza

  • “Napkin Labs turns IDEO’s innovation process into web-apps for all.”

  • “Napkin Labs is working to turn valued customers into a creative army.”

  • “Napkin Labs eliminates the barriers separating businesses from their customers.”

  • “…turn engaged customers into valuable research and design resources.”

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